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5 mL/ 15mL/ 17mm Tube Rack

Manufacturer: Heathrow Scientific

Rotate with ease to accommodate your needs

With bench top space at a premium, it’s important for research and clinical labs working across a range of applications to efficiently use the space available. Unlike other tube racks, these multi-purpose racks are specifically designed with the flexibility to hold multiple tube sizes firmly in place to assist technicians constantly alternating between sample vessels.

The rack incorporates two moving hinged shelves that can be rotated to an up or down position to accommodate the size of the tube being used. When working with samples, the shelves can be rotated to an angle position to facilitate more comfortable pipetting and allow better visibility. The tube rack wells have a unique teardrop design that enables easier insertion and better retention of tubes over traditional designs.

Two tube rack versions are available:

  • For Research Labs: The 5mL/15mL/17 mm tube rack comes with TWO tube segments
  • For Clinical Labs: The 10-17 mm Tube Rack comes with FOUR interchangeable tube segments.

Additional Features:

  • Ergonomic handles for ease of transporting the rack
  • Molded grid on both sides of the shelves for quick sample identification and retrieval
  • Autoclavable
  • US Patent Pending

Chain Tube Rack

Manufacturer: Heathrow Scientific

Product Code:120505; UPC Code:HS120505

Work outside the traditional tube rack box shape, or don’t. You decide. Now you can configure a tube rack to meet your requirements instead of the other way around.

The Chain Tube Rack has a unique linkable design that enables the possibility of multiple configurations to form different shaped tube racks. Each well has the flexibility to hold 5 mL tubes on one side or rotate it 180° to hold 15 mL or 15-17 mm tubes (round and conical bottom). Mix and match the well sizes to create one rack that holds multiple sized tubes in a variety of fun and functional configurations.

  • Chain Tube Rack can be modified to be used in multiple applications including: in water or ice baths, in phlebotomy trays, in a Duraporter® specimen transport case or anywhere a tube rack is needed
  • Maximize your valuable bench space with the flexibility to hold multiple size tubes (5/15 mL and 15-17mm tubes) in one configurable rack
  • Open design allows exposure to water and ice baths and helps reduce identification errors
  • Create different shapes and rack sizes with up to 16 wells depending on the need: straight line, a circle, 2 x 8, 4 x 4, etc.
  • Link together multiple Chain Rack packs to accommodate larger tube rack configuration requirements
  • Assorted colors for easy identification of tubes or testing (blue, green, yellow and natural)
  • Not autoclavable
  • U.S.A. Patent Pending 

Low temp PCR© Rack 96 Well 

Manufacturer: Heathrow Scientific

Slide, Set, Work & Store PCR Samples

The PCR Storage Rack, by Heathrow Scientific, offers a sleek and modern design that’s packed full of features. The patent pending design offers a unique lid the rack slides out from, and then rotates 180°, to become a convenient stand the rack sits on. Ergonomic textured finger grips provide a secure hold, reducing the chance of dropping the PCR rack, and makes handling and transportation easy, especially when using gloves. The lid has a side opening that enables faster cooling of samples to ensure integrity and is made from translucent polycarbonate for easy sample and well identification.

The PCR rack base is made from robust ABS construction that helps keep samples safe so you don’t have to spend extra money and time on expensive retesting. A location ID of numbers and letters allows for organized sample placement which results in easy and quick sample retrieval. The PCR rack has a closed base design that helps samples integrity by staying cold longer.

The PCR storage rack is versatile; it can be used on a bench top or for freezer storage. The compact footprint is stackable, which helps save valuable space in the lab. The PCR storage rack is offered in multiple colors for coding options.

  • The lid is ambidextrous; it can be switched to accommodate left or right hand orientation
  • The lid is detachable
  • Holds 0.2mL tubes, individual or strip
  • 96 wells 8x12 configuration
  • Can be used for freezer storage down to -80°C (-112°F)
  • Patent Pending


Signal Enhancer HIKARI


Manufacturer: Nacalai Tesque

Signal Enhancer HIKARI is for Western Blotting, dot blotting and ELISA. It improves antigen-antibody reactions. It resolves the problems of low sensitivity and high background.

Simply dilute antibodies with Signal Enhancer instead of diluents such as PBS or TBS. No additional steps are required!


  • Enhances antigen-antibody reactions
    Increases signals several times to several tens of times higher
  • Easily removes background
    Increases the specificity of your antibodies
  • Works with any substrate
    Enhances both chemiluminescence and colorimetric detection
  • Works with any membrane
    Enhances signal on nitrocellulose and PVDF membrane
  • Ready-to-use
    Just dilute your antibodies with Signal Enhancer HIKARI. No additional steps are required


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