Eppendorf Cell Culture Consumables

Experience a new dimension in cell culture with Eppendorf Cell Culture Consumables. In the development of the portfolio we put a special focus on your needs for excellent cell performance and reliability as well as for advanced protection against contamination.

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Welcome ATTO!


ATTO Corporation is a scientific instrument developer and manufacturer of protein/ nucleic acid research. ATTO Corporation comes from "atto", referring to an incredibly small unit (1 x 10 -18 or one-quintillionth), expressing their desire to do exploratory research in detail and investigate deeply on the "atto" scale.

An established brand since 1964, it has long been developing and providing many biological and analytical products, like peristaltic pumps, chromatograph equipments and electrophoresis apparatus that are used in many laboratories in Japan and worldwide. It hopes to provide efficient, beneficial and cost effective tools for researchers around the world.

ATTO also specializes in continuously developing and manufacturing outstanding research tools such as bioluminescent devices and analyzers aiding in gene expression studies. One of their major achievements was winning the The 5th Mono-dukuri Corporation Award, a new technology development prize (sponsored by Nikkan Kogyo newspaper) for their luminescent devices “Luminescenser NIR and NIR-CLA”. 

Axon Scientific is pleased to have the opportunity to bring the highest-quality products from ATTO to our valued customers.